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The What Knot is an amazing new device that is designed to enable those that cant tie knots to be able to use ropes without ever having to do so ever again.

Saying that, we have sold many What Knots to Sailors and Boat owners who have a great knowledge of tying knots but are also very practical people and if something makes life easier and quicker with wet or dry ropes then they buy it.

Using a What Knot is So Simple, So Quick, Lasts a Lifetime, Never Rust Or Rot.

The What Knot is so much Safer than the go to option for those that cant tie knots.

The elasticated luggage strap, called a bungee is highly dangerous and where research has been done in Australia they cause the loss or damage to the eyesight of over 500 people Every Year.

One 13 yr old has been killed by one of these straps, which recoil at You up to 30 times quicker than you can blink.

Think you will dodge out of the way. Forget it!

Buy What Knots that will last a lifetime, We Give each one a LIFETIME WARRANTY, they are tested at temperatures from +120 to -50c and are unaffected by the Suns UV.

They are so amazingly designed and made that they have even been used in a Nuclear Containment building.

Watch these few reviews from people who have had a What Knot in their hands for minutes only and are astonished.


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