What Knot Quick Simple Safe Never Rust Or Rot
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About us

The What Knot is very Simply an amazing device that enables anybody to use ropes from 3-15mm thick, and multiples there of. You can tie and untie rope in less than 6 seconds using the What Knot and a Quick, Easy and Simple Twisting motion.

 My (Steven Daniels MD) reasons for putting everything I have into the What Knot are numerous, but safety is way up there at the top.

The What Knot can save lives. On average 45 deaths a year are due to people falling from unsecured ladders. 48,000 a year end up in A&E, with a cost to the government of some £60million every year. In Australia alone, over 500 people damage or lose their eyesight each year due to accidents with bungee cords and elasticised luggage straps. That equates to tens of thousands of avoidable accidents around the world.

The What Knot is an outstanding innovation of design and I am totally committed to it. The materials used are second-to-none for its purpose. There are absolutely no other competitor products that cover such a variety of rope sizes or which match it for strength, versatility, speed, ease of use or quality.

We are located in Frome, Somerset.

We are in our 3rd year of business.

This shop is for our FaceBook page mainly. But can be accessed from anywhere.

We are predominantly a family company and our partner in this business is the inventor of the What Knot.

Our Email is sales@jrpuk.com

Our Tel no is 0800 170 1704

Twitter is @The1WhatKnot

Facebook is WhichKnotAlwaysWhatKnot

LinkedIn is StevenDaniels1

Full website for much more information is at www.whatknot.co.uk