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Bungee rope Vs What Knot

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Bungee rope Vs What Knot

Time moves on and although the ubiquitous Bungee rope, Occy strap,Bungee cord, shock cord was a great innovation in its time. That timer started ticking in1938, 77 years ago. Prior to the second World War, Wars are usually a significant factor in a surge of new ideas and products.

The Bungee is and always has been a dangerous piece of highly elastic material with steel hooks on either end. It works best when stretched to its utmost capacity as this is when it is holding something as firmly as it can. There are many issues with this and the bungee rope is often too long or too short for the application in mind. That's when the many thousand a year accidents happen. Bungee injuries or accidents these days lead to litigation from the injured  against manufacturers, suppliers,retailers. Some of these are now running into millions or £100,000's per case. A very little known fact about bungees are that they recoil at speeds in excess of 60 mph which can and very often does cause major bodily harm, the hook attached to either end is prone to bending or slipping off very often.

Well we are motoring through the years 2000 + and an amazing invention that does Work, is Safe, wont Rust, wont Rot is the What Knot. Made in Texas, USA and invented by Tim Bourke in Florida. I have had people say to me. "They wont buy that they will learn how to tie a knot rather than spend money". Well people who can't tie knots have shown that they wont. For 77 years they have bought a product that is dangerous to use, rots, goes rusty and is restricted by its own length. Bungees, Occy straps, bungee rope, bungee cord. That's two generations that have shown by their actions they don't want to learn how to tie knots.

The What Knot not only does away with knots, which weaken every rope they are tied in by up to 60%. It will not rot or rust and is unaffected by UV. The uses are endless and you can use them anywhere. 

The What Knot also comes with a Lifetime Warranty!

The What Knot makes it possible for literally anybody to use ropes, quickly, easily, simply, safely. It can be used by them to tie and untie rope in less than 6 seconds on any rope from 3 – 15 mm thickness. They can leave it out in all weathers without fear of rust or rot. You can adjust a rope to the nearest millimetre.

Examples of use

  • Tie down boot lids 
  • To tie down a roof rack
  • To secure a ladder in place
  • Perfect for boat fenders

What Knot

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Wont rust or rot
  • Tested with a weight of 660KG
  • Easy to lock & Release
  • Multi-Purpose
  • Superb Quality

Bungee Rope

  • Dangerous, very often flick back and cause injuries
  • Can't select how tight you want the rope to be
  • Easily Break
  • Lose their effectiveness over time and when exposed in wet conditions

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